City of Birmingham Basketball Club has a proud record over the past 11 years of producing a number of excellent basketball players and fine young men. The club have developed a culture of treating people well and our coaching staff are encouraged to support players in every way they can both through basketball but also academically.

The club has several players who have progressed to play international basketball in recent times. Ex-COB Junior Myles Hesson represented Great Britain at the 2013 Euro Basket Tournament and is now playing in the German BBL.

Additionally, Josh Foulds represented England in the 2013 Under 16 European Championships. COB Junior Kofi Josephs currently attends High School in USA, whilst Jordan Dawes has recently signed for the new professional franchise Birmingham Knights along with ex-COB juniors Martyn Gayle, Emile Hopkins, Kieran Mills, Josh Rolls Tyson and Ryan Lewis. Lamar Morrison played in the 2009 European Championships for England, and in 2010 Tommy Macdonald represented Ireland in the European Championships.

We are busy creating our Hall of Fame which includes at present the following players who have represented COB:

           Player                                       COB Years                                       Current Status

Josh Foulds 2009-2013 Barking Academy
David Malcolm 2009-2013 Birmingham Knights Academy
Matthew Godsall 2009-2011 Chairman – EB Young Persons Forum
Jordan Dawes 2008- 2011 Leicester Riders BBL
Sam McPherson 2008- 2011 Worcester University
Jordan Matthews 2008 – 2011 Birmingham University
Aaron Withe 2008-2011 Inspire Academy, USA
Jonny Foulds 2008- 2011 Teeside Mohawks
Tommy Macdonald 2007- 2011 Leeds Met University
Ruemonn Nelson 2007 – 2011 Teeside Mohawks EBL Div 1
Jordan Watkins 2007-2011 Bromsgrove Bears EBL Div 4
Alex Anderson 2006 – 2011 Worcester University
Jack Macdonald 2006- 2010 Leeds University
Hayden Gibbons Thomas 2006 – 2009 COB Coach / Bromsgrove Bears
Matt Catlow 2006-2009 COB Coach/ Bromsgrove Bears
Liam Sheridan 2006-2008 COB Coach
Luke Parker 2006-2008 Sheffield Saints EBL Div 2
Roman Forbes 2005-2011 Birmingham Mets
Lamar Morrison 2005 – 2009 Derby Trailblazers EBL Div 1
Martyn Gayle 2004-2007 Birmingham Knights BBL
James Tomlin 2003 – 2011 Birmingham Mets EBL Div 3
Tevan Cohen 2003 – 2009 Worcester Wolves EBL Div 3
Kofi Josephs 2003 – 2008 John Brown University, USA
Josh Rolls Tyson 2003 – 2008 Birmingham Knights BBL
Myles Hesson 2003 – 2007 Giessen 46ers, Germany BBL
Scott O’Donnell 2003 – 2004 Weslyan College, USA