Saturday 30th April 2012

During the days before the game most of our players had to give their apologies due to family committments, injury or illness.  24 hours before the game it was possible that we would not have enough players to get 5 on court.  We attended training as usual and we had 6 players (David, Jordan, SK, Ammar, Matt and Steven).

Luckily for us we were only playing 2 games of 2x10min.  A good sign for us was that 12 months ago we played a game with only 5 players, which we won.  Steven and SK played that day and they were confident that we could do well.

Bournville V COB
We started as a group of individuals trying to impress on offence, but our defence was OK.  At half time both teams had 8 points.  In the next few minutes we started to pass the bell better, cut to the basket, improve our fast break and we really stepped up our defence.
Final Score – Bournville 8 COB 30.

Redditch v COB
COB have played well against Redditch in previous meetings, but we have failed to get close to them.  We knew who their key players were and the players talked about who should mark their stronger players to make it as competative as possible.  It was great to see the guy thinking about this before the start of the game.

We continued with the good passing,  movement  and tight defence from the previous game and we were leading 16-8 at the half.  As expected Redditch came out stronger in the second half, but they missed several good chances, but lead by David we played excellently and closed the game out very well.
Final Score – Redditch 20 COB 34

Player of the day  – David Fodor – Good rebounding, always a threat on offence.
Best Defence – Steven Lyncook
Notable mentions for Jordan, Ammar (best games so far). Matt controlled game and made some great assists.
Best midrange shooting – SK

Coach Brian Kinch