City of Birmingham Rockets are pleased to announce an official partnership with Spanish LEB Silver club Fundación Lucentum based in the southern region of Spain in Alicante.

The unique partnership will include coach and player exchanges between the clubs together with shared practices and coaching systems. Coach and player camp opportunities will also form part of the arrangement.

The club directors are pleased to have agreed the deal, Managing Director Robert Palmer stated, “The club is an excellent fit for us as we take the Rockets brand forward and this partnership will provide us with some really exciting opportunities for both club coaches and players as we strive to excel on and off the court. Our meeting with Lucentum Presidente Antonio Gallego Gozálvez was extremely positive and we share many common challenges and goals that we believe we can assist each other with”.

Rockets CEO Kirk Dawes said, ” This adds to the exciting future for a club that has been providing basketball opportunities and development locally for the past 15 years. We really believe that both players and coaches within the club will benefit greatly from this arrangement”.

City of Birmingham Rockets would like to thank Daniel Martinez  the deputy head of Alfonso X Primary School in Alicante, Spain who is overseeing a prestigious international grant from European Government, Erasmus+ KA2. Daniel has been instrumental in setting up the meetings with the Function Alicante and City of Birmingham Rockets staff.