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Sunday 8th February
Manchester Magic 81-42 COB Under 16s
Derby Trailblazers 91-82 COB Under 13s
Saturday 7th February
Arden Griffins 41-57 COB Under 18s
Wiltshire Demons 39-32 COB Under 16 Girls
COB Under 14 Girls 51-42 Leicester Riders
COB Under 13s 88-18 Leicester Warriors
Sunday 1st February
COB Under 18s 70-51 Birmingham Mets
COB Under 16s 59-68 Bradford Dragons
COB Under 16 Girls 38-81 Team Birmingham
Mansfield Giants 46- 75 COB Under 14s
COB Under 13s 80-44 Worcester Bears
Saturday 31st January
Leicester Dynamite 75-78 COB Under 15s
Shropshire Warriors 55-83 COB Under 13s
Sunday 25th January
COB Under 16s 62-47 Notts Nova
Saturday 24th January
COB Seniors 79-90 Loughborough Riders
Worcester Wolves 44-62 COB Under 18s
Exeter Eagles 65-48 COB Under 16 Girls
COB Under 15s 73-67 York Eagles
Ilkeston Outlaws 38-91 COB Under 14s
COB Under 13s 78-50 Notts Nova
Sunday 18th January
COB Under 16s 87-59 Toxteth Tigers
COB Under 14s 64-57 Team Birmingham
Saturday 17th January
Doncaster Danum Eagles 90-85 COB Seniors
Cheshire Wire 96-86 COB Under 16s
COB Under 13s 91-33 Shropshire Warriors
Sunday 11th January
COB Under 14s 69-48 Notts Nova
COB Under 14 Girls 34-51 Northants Titans
Saturday 10th January
COB Seniors 98-59 Derby Trailblazers
Shropshire Warriors 23-88 COB Under 18s
COB Under 15s 89-26 Derby Trailblazers
COB Under 13s 69-82 Mansfield Giants
Sunday 4th January
COB Under 16s 85-43 Trafford
Sunday 21st December
COB Under 14 Girls 37-79 Bucks Hornets
Saturday 20th December
COB Under 13s 36-73 Northants Titans
Sunday 14th December
Sheffield Saints 83-69 COB Under 16s
Northants Thunder 85-61 COB Under 14s
Saturday 13th December
Bournville Bears 47-119 COB Under 18s
COB Under 16 Girls 65-61 (OT) Northants Titans
Leicester Warriors 88-51 COB Under 15s
Leicester Warriors 69-58 COB Under 14 Girls
Sunday 7th December
Cup -COB U16s 66-101 Sheffield Junior Saints
Cup – Hatfield Flyers 78-41 COB U16 Girls
COB U14s 60-52 Leicester Dynamite
COB U14 Girls 42-58 Northants Lightning
Sunday 30th November
Newcastle Under Lyme 68-93 COB U18s
COB U14s 52-87 Leicester Warriors
Saturday 29th November
COB Seniors 92-60 Shropshire TCAT Warriors
Leeds Force 79-68 COB U16s
Leicester Riders 38-48 COB U14 Girls
COB U13s 109-31 Northants Thunder
Sunday 23rd November
Sporting Albion 91-79 COB Seniors
Saturday 22nd November
Nottingham Hoods 41-70 COB Seniors
Sunday 16th November
COB U14s 76-25 Shropshire Warriors
COB U13s 96-68 Derby Trailblazers
Saturday 15th November
COB Seniors 72-60 Sheffield Sharks
COB U18s 68-40 Wolverhampton Slam
COB U16 Girls 55-57 Bristol Storm
COB U15s  80-44 Newcastle Eagles
Bucks Hornets 64-27 COB U14s
COB U13s 71-25 Leicester Riders
Sunday 9th November
Northants Thunder 50-83 COB U16s
COB U16 Girls 57-46 Bristol Storm
Saturday 8th November
COB Seniors 72-45 Nottingham Hoods
COB U18s 75-41 Arden Griffins
Northants Titans 66-63 COB U16s
Leicester Warriors 52-80 COB U13s
Sunday 2nd November
COB U16s 71-59 Manchester Magic
Saturday 1st November
COB Seniors 87-80 Kingston Panthers
COB U16 Girls 62-55 Wiltshire Demons
COB U15s 67-78 Leicester Dynamite
COB U14s 66-32 Mansfield Giants
Sunday 26th October
Loughborough Riders 87-50 COB Seniors
Team Birmingham 79-26 COB U16 Girls
Northants Titans 63-27 COB U14 Girls
Saturday 25th October
COB U18s 61-38 Worcester Wolves
Bradford Dragons 80-58 COB U16s
York Eagles 60-70 COB U15s
Notts Nova 52-79 COB U13s
Sunday 19th October
Cup – COB U18s 52-66 Derby Trailblazers
Cup – COB U16s 85-25 Bromsgrove Bears
COB U14 Girls 49-46  Leicester Warriors
Team Birmingham 62-65 COB U14s
Saturday 18th October
COB Seniors 62-88 Doncaster Danum Eagles
COB U16 Girls 62-57 Exeter Eagles
Notts Nova 32-61 COB U16s
Sunday 12th October
Derby Trailblazers 53-72 COB Seniors
Gloster Jets 37-52 COB U16 Girls
COB U16s 62-87 Cheshire Wire
Saturday 11th October
Mansfield Giants 83 -92 COB U13s
Derby Trailblazers 45-95 COB U15s
Northants Lightning 107-32 COB U14 Girls
Sunday 5th October
Northamptonshire Titans 64 -88   COB U13s
Saturday 4th October
COB Seniors 74-75 Birmingham Mets
Toxteth Tigers 51-74 COB U16s
COB U15s 97-82 Leicester Warriors
COB U14 Girls 63-30 Leicester Riders




Saturday May 24th

ESP Shield GAME 1 of 5 Bournville Bears v COB Development Under 16s

COB have had a year of playing short CVL games, with only a few full length games.  For the first time we were able to pick a strong and healthy Under 16 team.

Coaching his first game against Bournville, David Malcolm focussed on a pressing defence and quick scores. A very positive first quater finished with COB leading, whilst second econd quarter rotations saw COB extend the lead.

The second half enabled the COB coaching staff to try a new half court defence and more frequent rotation of players as we tried to work on improving the defensive team play.   All players got on the score board and contributed well on defence as we won 104 – 34.

Next game on 14th June at Bournville.