COB Rockets Summer CVL games

COB Rockets Summer Central Venue League is an internal development league running from May to July. The objective of the league is to provide off season game and development opportunities for teams and players within the region.

Each division will have 6-8 teams, including selected Rockets teams, who will compete for a total of 6 weeks. There will be a minimum of 2 organised fixtures each week per team and each age division will compete to win a trophy at the end of the CVL 6 week season.

In 2017, City of Birmingham’s CVL was only open to Under 17 players. Due to the success of this competition, this year we are opening our Summer Central Venue Leagues to Under 11’s, Under 13’s, Under 15’s and Under 17’s. The Under 11’s team will be mixed with girls and boys and we hope to have one Under 16 Girls Division. In addition, playing time for each game will be extended from our 2017 provision.

All CVL games will be held at the Nechells Wellbeing Centre, Rupert Street, Nechells, Birmingham, B7 5DT.


To enable the Summer CVL’s to be financially sustainable we do need to move away from receiving payments from competing teams on game days. Instead, we are requesting that teams pay either in full for the tournament (at a discounted rate) or a week in advance of game day (with a 2 week deposit payment at the time of entry). We do hope this does not create too much difficulty for teams wishing to take part.


Option 1: Pay £120 in advance (2 weeks deposit) by 1st May 2018 and £60 in advance each week per team.

Option 2: Pay £315 in full per team (£45 discount). This will be required to be paid by 1st May 2018.

To register your team for our Summer Central Venue League click HERE


Under 17’s – Fridays 6 – 9pm – 18th May – 22nd June

Under 11’s – Tuesdays 6 – 8pm – 5th June – 10th July

Under 15’s – Thursdays 6 – 9pm – 7th June – 12th July

Under 13’s – Saturdays 12 – 3pm – 16th June – 21st July

Please note that many of the games will overlap and take place on the same week, for different age groups, over the course of the 3 months. Each club participating will be sent a timetable. Alternatively please download the timetable for the CVL games HERE.



Below are the rules for COB Rockets CVL games 2018.

To download a copy of the rules please click here

  1. There are leagues for Under 11s, Under 13s, Under 15s and Under 17s and Under 16 Girls.
  2. The winning team scores 3 league points
  3. The losing team scores 1 league point
  4. No draws are permitted. There will be a 2 min period of extra time followed by ‘the golden basket’
  5. Any team forfeiting a match scores 0 league points.
  6. Any team unable to fulfil a fixture are requested to give at least two weeks’ notice to enable fixtures to be rescheduled accordingly. Teams not attending fixtures will automatically lose those games by default.
  7. At the end of the season if two or more teams are tied the results between these teams are taken into consideration. There will be a trophy for the winning team in each age group.
  8. There will be play-offs at the end of the season for each group. Medals will be awarded to the winning team in each age group.
Team Structure and Eligibility
  1. Under 17 – Team players must be in school year 12 or under.
  2. Under 15 – Team players must be in school year 10 or under.
  3. Under 13 – Team Players must be in school year 8 or under.
  4. Under 11 – Team players must be in school year 6 or under.
  5. Players may play for one club only. If they are eligible, players may play for the same club in more than one age group. They may not, however, play for more than one team in the same age group.
  1. Teams must consist of a maximum of 10 players.
  2. FIBA rules will be used in the running of these CVL’s.
  3. All players should hold a BE registration number.
  4. Players or coaches disqualified from a game shall serve an automatic one match ban.
  5. The COB Rockets Summer CVL is a development league. As such all teams are permitted to have a maximum of 2 National League player (in their age group) on court at a time.
  6. At any time all players & coaches may be required to provide license cards.
  1. U15 & U17 minimum of 2 halves of 12 minutes. At U13 & U11 we plan 4 quarters of 8 minutes running clock.
  2. 1 minute between quarters.
  3. 3 minutes half time.
  4. One time-out per quarter.
  5. Teams must arrive 15 minutes prior to their tip off time. Teams must also have a completed team sheet and payment must have been received prior to game days.
  1.  Man to man defence should be played in the U11, U13 & U15 leagues. Full court defence can be applied but once there is a difference of 20 points the winning team must remove the press.  If a team has to be reminded of this more than 2 times then the non-offending team will be awarded free shots and possession.
  2. Zonal defence is permitted within the U17 League.
  1. Four team fouls per quarter/7 per half. After which two shots shall be given against the offending team for any subsequent foul.
  2. Five personal fouls.
  1. All referees and officials will be provided
  2. Referees will be qualified at Level 1 as a minimum but they may be inexperienced. Coaches, players & parents must at all times be respectful to the refs. Anyone not doing this may be asked to leave.
Code of Conduct

This is a development league, so basic standards of sportsmanship, such as players shaking hands, thanking referees and table officials are expected as a matter of common courtesy.