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Vote for us!!

Vote for us so that we can gain extra funding. We can win up to £4000 and this will help us with our mission to introduce basketball into the community. This money could help us to train new coaches/volunteers, get new equipment and more! We would appreciate lots of support and as many votes as possible from 1st May 2018 – 30th June 2018.

Visit these stores to vote for City of Birmingham Rockets Basketball Club:

6462    BIRMINGHAM CAR LN EXP   B4 7SS  Express
2503    BIRMINGHAM CAX METRO    B2 5AE  Metro
6112    BIRMINGHAM COLMOR EXP   B3 2QD  Express
6305    BIRMINGHAM HOCKLY EXP   B19 3AR Express
6227    Birmingham Springhill   B18 7JH SS
5056    CORPORATN ST BIRM EXP   B4 6TB  Express
4555    GRAND CENTRAL EXP       B2 4XJ  Express
6602    HANDSWORTH OXHILL EXP   B21 9RR Express
5223    HURST ST BIRM EXP       B5 4TP  Express
5392    JEWELLERY QTR BRM EXP   B1 3HN  Express
3269    MAILBOX BHAM EXPRESS    B1 1XL  Express
5197    UNIVERSITY EXP  B4 7ET  Express